Geodetic to Mercator Converter

iMercator™ - mercator, geodetic converter for iPhone.


Geodetic Coordinate
  • Latitude valid formats:
    "Decimal Degrees" (ex. '38.889139') or
    "Degrees Minutes Seconds" (ex. '38 53 20.9 N')

  • Latitude:  
  • Longitude valid formats:
    "Decimal Degrees" (ex. '-77.049') or
    "Degrees Minutes Seconds" (ex. '77 2 56.4 W')

  • Longitude:  
Central Meridian
  • Valid formats:
    "Decimal Degrees" (ex. '-77.049') or
    "Degrees Minutes Seconds" (ex. '77 2 56.4 W')

  • Central meridian:  
Mercator Projection
  • X, m:
  • Y, m:

Convert a geodetic coordinate (Latitude, Longitude) to mercator projection (X, Y).

The Mercator projection is a conformal projection for which the scale factor equals 1 along the equator. The equator lies on the line Y = 0. This projection is not defined at the poles.

To convert from Geodetic to Mercator use Mercator to Geodetic Converter.

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