FM Broadcast Zone Lookup by Coordinate

Geographic Coordinate
  • Latitude valid formats:
    "Decimal" (ex. '38.889139') or
    "Degrees Minutes Seconds" (ex. '38 53 20.9 N')

  • Latitude:  
  • Longitude valid formats:
    "Decimal" (ex. '-77.049') or
    "Degrees Minutes Seconds" (ex. '77 2 56.4 W')

  • Longitude:  
Lookup Result
  • FM Broadcast Zone:

This lookup utility uses the original FCC definitions of FM broadcast zones, which have relatively low resolution. As the result, it is possible that some locations near FCC FM broadcast zones borders will be identified with the wrong zone.

If you are looking for more precise results, please contact us. APSalin offers the high resolution defintion of FM broadcast zones.

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